Wednesday, 1 May 2013

It's Q&A time with The WASABI GOD!

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Apologies that it's a bit quiet here! :devJDWasabi-Studios: is busy preparing the next part of our Beta demo for ReadCon 2013, Reading's first anime convention on Saturday 13th July!

Ticket prices are:
Standard - £7.50 (advance), £10 (door)
VIP - £13 (advance), £15 (door).

 If you're around, do come visit to say hi!

 We also have a panel session and you know what? I've no idea what to talk about (LOL) so if you've got any random questions to ask, throw them our way! They can be about the game, horror, media, design, art, music, experience, the game industry, life, favourite flavour ice cream, anything (be sensible guys ;) )because I'm all ears :D.

 I'll probably make a transcript or something and post them up online after the event ^_^.

 You can also post questions on our social media if you can't think up of any questions just yet :V

 I think what really makes JDWasabi Studios / Team Wasabi special is the fact that it's open and that people are free to join and help us make a game.  I've learnt so much and developed many skills working with amazing team members.  Members may not be the best in their respective technical field, but what I love about Team Wasabi is the enthusiasm of everyone. The ability to work together, to push each other further and to improve / develop personal skills makes me want to push myself and everyone even more. We're definitely the coolest dudes on the block ... go go go Team Wasabi! :P

 Many thanks,