Monday, 25 February 2013

Kemi Design Contest Entries

I thought it would be nice to showcase the wonderful entries into our first contest.  Now that we've a deadline to aim for (and that our programmer is slowly coming back) we're able to focus on the game side of things again. Yay!

By RoseLuna
By RockerHam
By DatTigris
By LiteAngel
Not too sure when the actual results will be posted up since I've many things to.

So far:
Finishing our Beta2 demo for July, which includes
- Rewriting some of the script / adding to it
- Defining any new assets based on the script - which could be new artwork (cutscenes), animation and music
- Project manage it in such a way for the other members to work on it either by helping me with the 3D backgrounds / texturing or translating the script into code and perhaps more.
- Creating said assets.
- And perhaps more than I can currently think of.  Thankfully I've a great programmer helping me with the technical stuff so my plate won't be too crazy XD.

When I get round to it, I plan to recreate Kemi's sprite within the game and I'll use that opportunity to have a look at the entries properly to judge.  Apologies in advance that I am incredibly slow with this kind of thing.  I want to give back as much as possible to you guys who have supported this project for so long and I'd like to at least give you an amazing game in return!

But hey, working on this on top of work is going to be great and an awesome portfolio piece for everyone. I'll probably grow crazy by living on my computer to churn out new written scenarios, artwork, concept art, animation, music, not to mention using my computer for work - it's going to be fun ;).