Who Are We?
We are a team of people from many parts of the world united by our desire to 'get into' the game industry.
Getting a job is hard. Getting your foot through the door of -insert-creative-industry-here is probably just as hard, perhaps even more so.  This is where Team Wasabi of JDWasabi Studios come in.  We work on creative projects and use it as a stepping stone to improve our skill to get where we want, while making something awesome.

How did we start?
Originally starting off as a student game project, founder Jade/JDWasabi wanted to focus on interactive music/sound design and roped a few friends into assisting with the creation of the art and programming assets.

After somehow making the deadline, the original team decided to continue making 'Hungry Whispers' into a full game for fun. You can even see our old developmental blog here.

Who are the original members of Team Wasabi?

Jade Leamcharaskul
Michael Jameson
Michelle Vinall
Rumzi Yousef
Tim Dixon
Michael Lundie
Errol Burke

What is Project Whispers?
'Hungry Whispers' is the original title of the first game Team Wasabi worked on during its student-game days.  Now it is an open game project open to everyone outside of the original Team Wasabi members.  The name 'Project Whispers' is to emphasise its open project aspect.

Where do we work? Do we have a 'studio/office'?


Our developmental forums are kindly hosted on art.unanimate.com. The actual Hungry Whispers section is private but the general forum is open to everyone.
Art.Unanimate is an online production community for artists and musicians who provide a host of tools and resources to support the production of indie games and animation, amongst other media forms.

Can I join Team Wasabi?

However there are several considerations before joining the team.

  1. The projects we work on are worked on entirely our own free time.  We are not paid for this.
  2. Due to the organic nature of our project(s) and other commitments, it does require a few hours a week minimum. Be absolutely sure you can commit a few hours a week before notifying us.
  3. Skype (for team meetings)
  4. Email (to access google docs and other things)
  5. An account on art.unanimate.com to access the developmental forums.
  6. No empty promises and/or expectations.
Let me elaborate on the last point.  Many a time I have encountered enthusiastic individuals who jump at the chance of 'being part of a game development team/company' but fail to contribute anything or expect to be the lead concept artist or similar right off the bat.  We do not work like that or encourage that kind of attitude since it is very unfair to the members who have significantly contributed to projects. Harsh but true.

I still want to be part of Team Wasabi and help out as much as I can. What should I do?
And that's the exact attitude we want! We are grateful for each contribution no matter how small as it helps build the foundations of our projects.

I don't want to commit to something when I know that my other commitments will sometimes clash. But I know I will return. Will I be kicked out?
Don't worry! The same is applied to all members including the founder. When something like this happens you should:

Let the project lead know as soon as possible. We really can't stress this enough.  By letting the project lead know, we are able to adapt and focus on other areas of the project and wait for your return.  Or assign your tasks to another to aid you if you feel your work is too much.  

There is nothing wrong with having other commitments since everyone is in the same boat. 
It is more practical/useful and less stressful for the project lead as they can prepare for it and adapt to advancing the project accordingly.

There has been times where a project leader has been waiting for people to show up on Skype for a team meeting. No one came or at least no one commented that they were online to have a meeting. So don't be shy to interact with the other members and don't hesitate to notify us if you can't attend meetings.

I am a ____ but I'm not very good. Can I still join?
Of course! Be sure to take the above points for consideration!

Project Whispers
In terms of working on Project Whispers, we are in need of:

General Concept Artists
Character Concept Artist/Designers
Background Concept Artist/Designers
Item Artist/Designers

3D Modelling
3D Item Designer
3D Background Designer
Texture Artists


We are currently not in need specialist writers since everyone can technically be a writer and help contribute character development. However you can still apply to helping out with JDWasabi Studio's other projects.

We are  currently not in need of a specialist composer/sound designer, however you can still apply to helping out with JDWasabi Studio's other projects.

Looking for Translators?
There are currently no solid plans for Project Whispers to be translated into other languages but it is definitely considered for the future.  Once Project Whispers has advance from the Beta stage, do get in touch.

Voice Actors/Acting?
Same as above.  Once we know if the game engine can handle additional voice acting considering technical and system constraints it will be considered!

Honestly I've no time to commit to you guys but I still want to help out. What can I do?
And in return we thank you for your honesty and kindness! You can support us by following us on our social media accounts and reblogging/re-tweeting our work.

Project Whispers thrive by word of mouth and it gives us lots of motivation to work towards our goal when we see our work being appreciated.  It sounds like a small thing but these kind gestures work wonders.

Anymore questions, feel free to get in touch by email jadepl{at]gmail.com (remove the { and ] and replace 'at' with the @ symbol) or via our DeviantArt page or our social media accounts located at the sidebar.  

Thanks for reading!