Friday, 7 February 2014

Some environmental concept art is being finalised!

Some actual concept art!  I'm not an artist but it was pretty fun to start painting again. Here some bite size updates that we've been focusing on.

The overall plot has been written but is currently going through another revision. Some bits are being rewritten and tweaked out and I've a good feeling about the current version.  Some old elements are being brought back and improved while new ideas are being ironed out. Implementing them is another matter and is highly dependent on them being tested!

The art team has been focusing on solidifying the environment for the first instalment of Hungry Whispers. Much like our first demo, it starts out on a sleeper train.  After some discussion and refinement, we wanted to redesign the the backgrounds to suit the new script!

Stay tuned for more updates! It's really exciting to finally show something solid after so long! :D