Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Kemi Costume Design Contest & More!

A plethora of updates today!

First up, we've a little contest happening!

More details can be found here!

I've been meaning to give Kemi's character a little make over for a while since I feel we can improve her character design and showcase it better.  I figured a fun way to do so would be to involve the community and supporters with this contest.  Looking forward to seeing our entries (if any XD).

Next up! The art/3D/animation/sound department are busy working on an animation trailer for Hungry Whispers, while the programming department work on fixing up the bugs found on our Beta2 demo!

Here's a sneak preview!

As with everything else, the game itself is also being slowly worked on.  Results will show in due time as I really want this project to be a success and rush anything.

Keep an eye out for updates and creative opportunities! Now that we're working on an animation, we've discussed involving voice acting (more info soon) and there's also an opportunity fo Team Wasabi to attend at least two conventions this year.  Exciting stuff!