Tuesday, 20 November 2012

About Hungry Whispers

It has occurred me to me that I have not yet written about Hungry Whispers itself.  Here's a little blurb.

Hungry Whispers takes place during the time of 'Ghost Month': a period in which it is believed that the dead roam the earth among the living for a month before they are sent back to Hell.
You play the role of Dr. Yu Ling who had accidently killed a young patient under his care and is on indefinite leave to mentally recover. Things take a sinister twist when he finds that his sister Kemi disappears which begins his search to uncover the mystery of her disappearance  However the more he uncovers, the more he finds that he may not be entirely safe either...

The game itself takes inspiration from many games such as Hotel Dusk, Phoenix Wright and Silent Hill.  It is also greatly influenced by the Asian Horror and the Chinese Ghost Month/Festival which is celebrated in many different parts of East and South-East Asia.

I find that Halloween has been done to death so I wanted something new to work with in horror terms. Hopefully everyone will enjoy the full version as well as the journey in reaching our goal of completion.

Hungry Whispers is a work in progress project produced by Team Wasabi of JDWasabi Studios and Art.Unanimate. We are a bunch of artists who are united by our desire to someday work in the Games Industry.  Our goal is to use Project Whispers as a stepping stone in achieving that dream.